Mobile performance app metrics to measure before launch

7 pre-launch mobile app performance metrics to measure

Before we deep dive into the technical jargons of the mobile app performance indicators that this article suggests, let’s forget that you are a business owner with a mobile app idea planning to monetize or is in its early stages. Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes – well, you might as well be using an […]

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22 top innovative enterprise apps you need to know

While you might already be able to rattle off a list of the top enterprise apps for the Web and mobile platforms, you might be surprised to learn that an entirely new generation of software is taking the world of enterprise coordination by storm. These new enterprise applications aren’t just focused on one single ecosystem. […]

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Pretty App you got there – But is it comfortable to use?

as developers, we want to take an ergonomic approach to design in order to ensure the success of applications Smart software application design has nothing to do with skinning your software with flashy graphics or weighing down the interface with this week’s “must have” functionality. Rather, software applications are most successful when programmers streamline features […]

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Building HIPAA compliant mobile apps can be tricky- don’t go alone

It has been a long, hard road, but your team finally put the finishing touches on your innovative healthcare application and is ready to change the healthcare experience for patients. The launch date is finalized and your marketing department is set to start flooding review sites with information about your product. Behind the scenes, you […]

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