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Not just mobile apps, we build awesomeness for your business! Be it smartphones or tablets, apps are dominating the new era of digital transformation. As one of the top mobile app development company in India, we offer a variety of services to explore this dimension for your business needs.


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Mobile application development services we offer

To bring your mobile idea to life, we are equipped to provide you the best mobile app development services ranging across the following areas:

Mobile App Strategy

An overall design, development and deployment plan for your mobile app needs, based on our rich expertise of working on multiple custom iOS/Android development projects.

Mobile App Maintenance

Make your mobile app run effortlessly throughout its lifecycle with our constant maintenance support and well-structured app maintenance processes.

Mobile App Designing

We build rich and seamless design experiences for your the target audience you define. Our UI/UX team has the potential to visualize pioneering solutions to level up your app idea.

Mobile App Porting

Re-engineer and revamp your original mobile apps to run on multiple devices and platforms, thereby improving the utility and user reach of your mobile app.

Mobile App Development

Custom mobile application development using our agile frameworks and iterative methodologies to ensure you are always in control of your app development project.

Mobile App Testing

Independent mobile testing strategies to ensure you get the best quality mobile app that can take the stresses and strains of the increasingly complex world.


Enabling smarter app development for entrepreneurs, small businesses and enterprises

At Kays Harbor, our vast experience across consumer and enterprise mobility solutions places us as one of the top offshore mobile application development companies based in India. Whether you are a startup looking for mobile app development firms to build your MVP or a small business trying to explore mobile solutions as a marketing medium or a large enterprise aiming at improving efficiency via the mobile-first approach, our feature rich custom app development services let you achieve your target at minimum input costs.
Create your brand visibility and customer engagement through our innovativemobile packed features for your products or services, at just a tap of a mobile screen.
Infuse your users with a sense of trust by consistently exceeding expectations, through a feature rich UI and interactive design model.
Gain a strong foothold among your users by building a mobile first brand that’s synonymous with success.

Bringing you the best of mobile

Enhance your business with a flavor of our innovative and intuitive custom design approach for your mobile solutions.

We believe in delivering high end mobile experiences and setting up competitive benchmarks with every project we work on.

Kriss Smolka

"Fantastic company. Team at Kays Harbor is dedicated, hardworking and great professionals. Working with them constantly adds great value to our IT needs."

Kriss Smolka

CTO / Everest Snow, USA
Bill Burch

"Kays Harbor has been instrumental in moving our enterprise software application from an outdated system to an application that works with today's technology. They are quick to respond and ensure the solution they provide works the very first time."

Bill Burch

CTO / Wellbridge, Colorado, USA
Dr. Alex L. Sommers

"Our business is extremely satisfied and ecstatic with the work we have received from Kays Harbor! It is as if they are working in the same building in the room next door in our corporation. Feedback is timely, expertise is top shelf."

Dr. Alex L. Sommers

MD / Astia Health LLC, USA
Per Vinding

"We are very satisfied with Kays Harbor.We would engage them in further projects without hesitation anytime. We are especially impressed with their ingenuity and foresight, and their ability to propose solutions ahead of time."

Per Vinding

CTO / Proffsalg, Norway
Tchi Mbouani Ngaliae

“I have been very happy with Kays Harbor’s services. We have worked together since August 2014 and I really appreciate the quality and dedication put into the multiple development request.”

Tchi Mbouani Ngaliae

Founder & Director / Chimmer, UK



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