6 unexpected ways you might be disclosing HIPAA sensitive patient information

Many discussions of HIPAA violations center on technology, improper disposal of information and unprotected digital information. You probably spend plenty of time ensuring that your computers are safe, that digital files are appropriately stored and that personal information is out of the public eye.  Even if you protect against hackers, all may not be safe […]

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7 important steps to make sure your healthcare apps are HIPAA compliant

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is well known across every area of the healthcare sector. It was originally put into place in 1996 and was greatly expanded and explained in 2013 by the Final Omnibus Rule Update. While only covered entities, such as doctors and insurers, once needed to […]

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The most common HIPAA violations and how technology can overcome these

While you may wonder why anyone would be interested in your latest health history, healthcare information is indeed valuable. Most of us have some type of healthcare information from our birth, to annual physicals, to any time spent in the hospital. This information is valuable to hackers and other criminals because it is incredibly personal, […]

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8 benefits of mobile devices in healthcare that you need to know

Mobile devices have created a new communication channel between healthcare service providers and patients. However, the benefits of mobile devices in healthcare go beyond the communication channels. They enable better coordination, improve diagnostic accuracy, and build a bridge of trust. Despite the benefits, lots of healthcare providers are reluctant to integrate mobile phones and tablets […]

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6 factors to focus on for successful EHR implementation

Encouragement and adoption of EHR systems in the U.S. has been at a gigantic level. Despite the increasing adoption rates, along with the digitization opportunities and benefits, it seems healthcare industry is still not making full use of it. And thus, there is a pressing need to improve EHR implementation across healthcare facilities. A research […]

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