13 Best Telemedicine Apps (2018) Sharing the Spotlight

Telemedicine has made medical assistance and consultation via video and chat viable today. Healthcare is accessible round the clock, anytime, anywhere. As it continues to gain popularity, we have put down a list of the one’s leading the industry till date. In no specific order, here are the best telemedicine apps of 2018: MDLive Lemonaid […]

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HIPAA Healthcare Data Breaches – Looking back at 2017

Another year has gone by, but the figures don’t seem to go down. Yes, 2017 was another year that reported major HIPAA data breach incidents despite so much awareness on the measures required to curb such breaches. With the Banner Health data breach that shook healthcare providers in 2016 recording 3.6 million individuals affected, cyber […]

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How To Build a Medical App? – 5 Step Guide For Your Business

5 Steps To Build A Medical App Introduction:What is the purpose of building a medical app? Step 1:Choosing a Business Model and Category of Your App Step 2:Deciding on the Features in Your Medical App Step 3:Designing the Medical App Step 4: Planning For a Globally Secure Architecture Step 5:Getting Started with Medical App Development […]

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6 unexpected ways you might be disclosing HIPAA sensitive patient information

Many discussions of HIPAA violations center on technology, improper disposal of information and unprotected digital information. You probably spend plenty of time ensuring that your computers are safe, that digital files are appropriately stored and that personal information is out of the public eye.  Even if you protect against hackers, all may not be safe […]

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7 important steps to make sure your healthcare apps are HIPAA compliant

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is well known across every area of the healthcare sector. It was originally put into place in 1996 and was greatly expanded and explained in 2013 by the Final Omnibus Rule Update. While only covered entities, such as doctors and insurers, once needed to […]

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