22 top innovative enterprise apps you need to know

While you might already be able to rattle off a list of the top enterprise apps for the Web and mobile platforms, you might be surprised to learn that an entirely new generation of software is taking the world of enterprise coordination by storm.

These new enterprise applications aren’t just focused on one single ecosystem. They seek to bring a unified user experience to many types of devices. This is important in a world where you need to seamlessly network employees working from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The next-gen enterprise apps

We would love to share with you our list of most innovative enterprise apps in the industry today:

1) Flock

Flock is by far the most popular enterprise-level messaging app today, and it now offers a number of plugins inside of its own Flock App Store. Since the app readily connects to many other services like GitHub, it can help engineers to coordinate as well as artists and marketers. Professional plans are available at only $3 per user per month.

2) Cortado

Cortado eliminates the need for configuring multiple servers for each individual customer. A single Cortado server can easily support many tenants. Its transparent pricing scheme is based entirely on individual negotiation, which means you won’t be stuck paying for more than you need.

3) TunnelBear

Privacy is one of the hottest issues today, and TunnelBear is one of the top enterprise apps that address this problem. It provides open masked private browsing for iOS, Android, Windows and OS X users. Those who only need 500MB of data each month can use TunnelBear for free, but it’s only $49.99 for a full year of private browsing.

4) Dynamic Buy

 Dynamic Buy
Dynamic Buy brings IBM’s big data collection solutions to the iOS platform. Retail buyers usually rely on their instinct to find the best deals. By collecting this information, Dynamic Buy can show retailers what the best performers in their stock is and what products might not make it up to the cash register.

5) Apperian

Arxan’s Apperian software allows you to secure any mobile app without needing to enroll a device or use a complicated SDK locked into some other company’s hardware patents. Apperian is also a leader in mobile app distribution, and it can even help you beta test your new app before releasing it.

6) Zuora

Zuora is currently the fastest growing cloud-based subscription management platform. You can use it to create a subscription model for nearly any type of business venture. Healthcare providers, IoT companies and cloud app distributors all use Zuora to manage their subscriptions.

7) Docker

Docker is quickly becoming the standard way to build and distribute apps across a cloud ecosystem. It supports OS X and Windows desktops as well as all the popular Linux distributions, which makes it your only serious choice for building enterprise server apps. Since it’s an open-source project, you won’t have to pay anything for Docker.

8) Quip

Stop using group calls and start using Quip to connect your creative teams together. At only $30 per month for a team of five, Quip has everything you need to share documents and conversations. It offers a $25 per person per month enterprise-level deal as well. Since it’s Web-based, you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues at all.

9) Acumatica

Acumatica has made a name for itself by providing cloud-based ERP solutions for nearly every industry you can think of. Retail, commercial, manufacturing, software, wholesale and service firms all rely on Acumatica to remotely manage their business operations. You can even use the Acumatica platform to manage processes on a shop floor when you’re not in the factory.

10) Apttus

If you use the Salesforce cloud computing platform, then you need to use Apttus as your Quote-to-Cash program. The same team that developed Salesforce works on the Apttus app so it’s completely compatible with everything you’ve created in Salesforce. You can create agents with Apttus that follow certain machine learning protocols, which in turn can help you automate some aspects of your sales routine.

11) Domo

One single page from Domo takes the place of six or seven different reports that you’re currently looking at. By aggregating your reports and data analytics onto a single dashboard, Domo makes it easy to pay attention to everything going on in your business venture at any moment in time. At $175 per month for the professional version, Domo is a bargain since it doesn’t have data limits and always provides completely accurate current reports.

12) Pulseway

Monitoring an entire IT department is difficult, especially when you’re working with both client and server machines. Pulseway is the fastest growing aggregator of information about all the networked devices your business uses, and it PC Magazine rated it the Best IT App of 2016. Your IT department can buy enterprise solutions from Pulseway at only $0.99 per workstation per month. Servers only cost $3.25 each a month, which is probably the lowest price for this service in the industry.

13) PrintJinni

If you often find yourself needing print services on the go, then you need PrintJinni. Wireless printing is only a touch away on any Android, iOS or Windows Mobile device. You won’t even need to transfer documents to a PC before you print them since the app works totally wirelessly.

14) Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab
Domino Data Lab collects information from any inputs you attach to the app, and it then allows you to run statistical experiments on them. You can use it to share and discuss work from a central location while increasing transparency across your whole team. It’s even compatible with Docker containers and other major cloud development platforms.

15) Trello

If you’re used to editing documents, then get ready for an entirely new way to look at work. Trello organizes any information you input to the software as a series of different objects. You can use Trello for teams to create lists, cards and boards for prioritizing your projects in a way that’s fun and different. It’s also an excellent way to share visual documents like photographs with your team without worrying about who else might be peeking at them.

16) Charlie

Say goodbye to expensive HR apps and say hello to Charlie, which has already been adopted by over 3,500 different business teams. Charlie allows you to create team directories and lists of freelancers. It even allows you to track sick days from the free version, though the £15 per month enterprise edition gives you more freedom to export information from the app.

17) Context.io

If you have experience in coding and want a serious tool for managing email, then you want the Context.IO API index. You can create a free API key and assign it to your app, though bulk pricing for many accounts is available at around $0.68 per user. Context.IO makes it easy to handle account creation and mailbox indexing. It’s the perfect tool if you have tons of people signing up for something every month.

18) SurveyMonkey

Market research projects almost also involve surveys, which makes SurveyMonkey one of the most important enterprise market research tools on the market today. Professional users can create surveys with an unlimited number of questions and responses for only $25 a month. The professional SurveyMonkey Gold app also lets you export data and reports so you can import it into your market analytics software.

19) GoodReader

You might have gotten used to dealing with all the problems caused by your mobile browser’s built-in PDF reader, but there’s a better choice when it comes to reading PDF files on your iOS device. GoodReader is an excellent PDF app that only costs $4.99 and actually allows you to edit and annotate PDF documents while also reading Office, TXT and HTML files. Numerous types of business transactions now involve PDF documents, which makes this a must-have for users locked into Apple’s ecosystem.

20) Box

Box has a very simple name for an app that does so much. You can use it to share and edit files from any device with a compatible browser over a completely secure connection. The starter price of $5 per user per month puts 100GB of secure cloud storage in the hands of nearly any sized operation. Unlimited storage only costs $15 per user per month, which makes it ideal as an off-site backup solution for your most important data.

21) Contactually

Contactually promises to think about your business relationships even when you’re sleeping. It provides you with a large centralized list of contacts that organizes all of your business applications. It then sorts your relationships into what Contactually’s developers call Buckets. Each Bucket can then create customized reminders for you whenever too much time has passed since you last spoke with a contact.

22) Workflow

Enterprise iOS users used to complain that they couldn’t write scripts for their Apple devices, but a free app called Workflow allows you to create macros that let you do a whole day’s worth of work in a single tap. You can use the simple drag-and-drop interface to put together a list of apps you want to run in a specific order. Workflow also makes it easy to share content between apps, which is difficult with the default iOS interface.

Which one do you think is the best amongst these? Do you think we missed a favorite of yours? Share it with us in the comments section below or tweet it to us!