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Looking for the right technology partner to fuel your business growth?

Enabling technology led growth


Whatever be your business type, our strong technical expertise and robust processes can help you leverage the full power of technology offshoring.

  • Enterprises

    An enterprise needs agility, efficiency and responsiveness to take on the challenges of today. We help you transform your enterprise through technology led innovation.

  • Small & Medium Businesses

    Your small business needs a technology solution that can help it scale faster and quicker. At Kays Harbor, we can guide your technology investments to maximize your returns.

  • Startups

    As a startup, your product development should be guided by the response you receive from your customers. We can help you build an MVP to test your idea, and scale it as it gains market traction.

We are there to help you with your technology needs,
right from conceptualization to post production.

Here’s our robust yet dead simple process that delivers results

1. Protecting Your Idea

Your idea is your baby, and its privacy is our top concern. We start every relationship by signing an NDA. That way, you can be assured that your IP is in safe hands.


2. Initial Discussion

We invite you to a 30 minutes Skype call for a zero obligation discussion. We need to understand your business objectives before we can propose to you the right solution.


3. FREE Consultation

The initial call is then followed by 2-3 detailed discussions to identify the nuts & bolts that can bring your vision to life. We then provide you with a detailed solution & the effort estimates.


4. Solution Development

If you loved our proposal, we sign the contract & start the journey. Complete transparency, iterative development and acceptance to feedback are few things we practice to put you in total control.


5. Go Live Period

Our liability doesn’t end with the product development phase. We offer 45 days free post production support warranties to enable smooth transition and help you settle down.


6. Post Production Support

In your technology journey, going live is just the first step. We can be your trusted partner in keeping your software up-to-date, bug free & feature rich throughout its shelf life.

Let's make technology work for you.

Contact us to get free consultation! We look forward to help taking your idea to the next level.