Entrepreneur's guide to mobile app development

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mobile App Development Process

Mobile apps aren’t just simple programs designed for added fun or for playing games on a smartphone. People rely on apps for helpful ways to make their lives more convenient. Using an app to patronize a preferred business does make life convenient. Everything from ordering food to booking hotel rooms to requesting home cleaning services […]

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mobile app launch mistakes

10 Major Mobile App Launch Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Mobile apps perform all sorts of functions for businesses. Every professional from a work-from-home entrepreneur to the CEO of a major business can benefit by launching a new app. Why? Because customers demand one. Even business-to-business partners and employees prefer a business to release a helpful app. A word to the wise here. A business […]

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13 Best Telemedicine Apps (2018) Sharing the Spotlight

Telemedicine has made medical assistance and consultation via video and chat viable today. Healthcare is accessible round the clock, anytime, anywhere. As it continues to gain popularity, we have put down a list of the one’s leading the industry till date. In no specific order, here are the best telemedicine apps of 2018: MDLive Lemonaid […]

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React Native – What It Can Do and What It Can’t

10 years ago, no one could have imagined the numerous mobile technologies that are simplifying lives today. Today, millions of apps are being developed for enterprises as well as consumers and many more. Looks like there is too much to catch up but from where to start? Let us introduce you to one such framework […]

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Best practices for IT outsourcing: 5 Ways you can do it right!

Often C-suite executives and IT managers are perplexed with the goal of real value achieved from outsourcing. Talking about numbers here, IT is one the largest consumers of the outsourcing industry with 94% organizations using it for both applications management and infrastructure. A Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey in 2016 reported cost cutting being a major […]

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