10 powerful mobile app features you should not miss out

Is your mobile app capturing the imagination of your customers? Are you wooing your customers or just satisfying them? Are they excited to use your mobile app? If not, you need to understand what mobile app features will get them enthusiastic and eager to use them. Due to innovations in operating systems, frameworks and tools, […]

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6 factors to focus on for successful EHR implementation

Encouragement and adoption of EHR systems in the U.S. has been at a gigantic level. Despite the increasing adoption rates, along with the digitization opportunities and benefits, it seems healthcare industry is still not making full use of it. And thus, there is a pressing need to improve EHR implementation across healthcare facilities. A research […]

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Top 10 tech e-commerce mistakes that can make you lose money

With so much to do with marketing and promotions of your ecommerce business, you often tend to ignore a few technical aspects of your online store. While most of the business strategy execution goes into how to get more customers, absence of a strong technical foundation for your online store can be heavy on your […]

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ecommerce business plan roundup

“If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.”– Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon Indeed! No one would ever miss a word of thought from Amazon’s exemplary success. Isn’t it? In a highly-competitive industry, you must be aware what it takes to scale up your brand and give your customers an awesome shopping […]

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25 myths of ecommerce in 2017 exposed!

As we experience an enormous change in the way we shop today, the difference between physical and online stores is blurring each day. Brick and mortar stores are now looking forward to develop online stores to expand their customer reach while online stores are increasingly trying offline setups for fulfilment and customer delight. It’s 2017 […]

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