9 powerful tips to help you protect your ecommerce business from security attacks

Are you worried about hackers infiltrating your eCommerce business? It’s a valid worry. Why is security a major concern for your eCommerce business? Every year thousands of businesses are compromised by security attacks. It is difficult to keep your digital assets safe from the rogue forces. Most importantly, compromised security can deteriorate customer trust and […]

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HIPAA data breaches – The year that was 2016

Healthcare is amongst the worst hit industries suffering from major loopholes in data security. Data breaches in this industry are increasing every year at an alarming rate. According to the United States Office of Civil Rights, in 2016, there were a total of 326 breach incidents reported. 2015 was ‘the year of healthcare data breach’ […]

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6 primary business benefits of an ERP system you should know

Running a company without an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is like trying to navigate a boat through stormy waters without a compass. You will have to make decisions based on your instincts. Your instincts might be right, but it is always better to have a compass! Yet according to a buyer report from ERP […]

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5 Factors to look out for choosing a 3rd party video conferencing tool for your telemedicine application

Building a healthcare solution is a complicated process, and a myriad of regulatory requirements often add time and costs to the product. For this reason, experienced health-tech developers like Kays Harbor rely on their ability to integrate relevant 3rd party solutions which can expedite the development of your healthcare software without the need to reinvent […]

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Top 10 trends in enterprise it

In the year 2017, worldwide IT spending is predicted to reach $3.5 trillion. It will be up by 2.9 percent from 2016’s $3.4 trillion. Wondering where will this amount be spent? Enterprise IT organizations are going to spend this money to improve current infrastructure, incorporate new technologies, and acquire new services. What should be the […]

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