25 myths of ecommerce in 2017 exposed!

As we experience an enormous change in the way we shop today, the difference between physical and online stores is blurring each day. Brick and mortar stores are now looking forward to develop online stores to expand their customer reach while online stores are increasingly trying offline setups for fulfilment and customer delight.

It’s 2017 and despite this advancement, there are several myths of ecommerce that persist! This is because, today, there is so much information available online as well as offline (information overdose). These can be misleading and keep your business strategy off the track. To keep up with the competition, it is essential to do away with the old ways.

e-Commerce myths exist in every business function

This infographic is an amalgamation of the list of ecommerce myths that you should be aware of. It includes the facts you must consider in every area whether it is management, design, development, marketing or sales.


It is important to test and go by the proven results than following practices that are a hurdle for your business growth.

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