8 Mobile app security best practices you must follow

If you think that mobile apps are getting safer over time, industry data suggests that you are wrong. Kaspersky Lab Solutions reported that ransomware attacks have risen in the first quarter of 2017 by more than 13 times than the previous quarter. Additionally, Trend Micro reports that increased malware production in China means that the […]

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payment gateways

All you need to know about choosing a payment gateway

With the millennial population driving the disruption in online shopping, business mindsets are changing and rapidly shifting to upcoming mobile technologies to generate more sales and profits. As a result, integrating the right payment gateway to your online store has become a vital conversion component that impacts the consumer buying cycle. And why? As per […]

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5 mobile app security risks

5 Mobile app security risks you just can’t ignore

This new age of mobile technology has not only given us the best of utilities like shopping, healthcare, gaming, entertainment and education, it is helping businesses grow, create new opportunities and make our lifestyle and work easier. Isn’t it? Mobile apps are essentially the key driver of this exponential rise of technological innovation. That day […]

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