40 mHealth statistics to blow your mind

Ever wondered how many apps exist on the app stores? And how many out of these are in the healthcare category?

As per Statista, there are 2.2 million Android apps and 2 million iOS apps out of which 165,000 apps are in the healthcare category alone (till September 2015). Undoubtedly, the number of healthcare apps are increasing, and they are increasing fast.

Clearly,mobile technology has played a vital role in evolving the healthcare industry exponentially since 2014.

Let’s talk more about mobile technology and healthcare, simply put – mHealth

With the mobile wave taking over the whole world, nevertheless its influence in the healthcare industry is overwhelming! As much as we cannot live without our smartphone today, health and fitness is also a vital part of our modern lifestyles. And by integrating these two, the development of mobile health technology is an effective way to increase patient and provider engagement to deliver better healthcare services.

My research on this buzzword made me come across some amazing mHealth industry statistics. I am sharing them with you via this infographic below.

Here are some of the facts that intrigued me the most:

  • mHealth technology market is set to grow by 33% to USD 60 bn by 2020. – MarketsAndMarkets
  • 70% of mHealth practitioners rate diabetes highest for its market potential over the next 5 years. – Research 2 Guidance
  • 93% of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve patient’s health. – GreatCall
  • 80% of surveyed physicians use their mobile devices to assist in their day-to-day practice. – Skycure
  • 79% respondents to a survey say that that they feel more connected to healthcare providers who don’t spend lot of time on paperwork during visits. – Harris Poll
  • 70% of surveyed doctors use mobile devices in 2016 to manage in-patient data, up from just 8% in 2013. – Black Book Market Research
  • 93% physicians find value having a mobile health app connected to Emergency Health Services. – GreatCall
  • 31% of surveyed organizations offer a specific app for patients while 30% are currently developing an app – HIMSS
  • Users of iPhones and iPads are more protected because they are much more likely to have the most current version of their device’s operating system. – The Mobile Threat Intelligence Report

Check out this infographic that states the key highlights of mHealth industry so far:


2016 marked a significant shift in the healthcare services to the mobile-first approach. Since then, there has been a surge in the development of mobile apps for EMR, EHR, hospital admin dashboards and other fitness related apps.

Today, mHealth has proven to be successful in globally transforming the accessibility and interoperability of healthcare services and is continuing to do so.

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