4 ways to organize your digital workplace strategy around mobility

Organizations worldwide are rapidly embracing technological initiatives that support a shift towards what many are calling the digital workplace. While organizations might be using similar hardware or software, there is little consensus as to what constitutes the perfect balance of components. There is agreement, however, that it is more than integrating technology that mimics the […]

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Is omni-channel an inherent part of your retail strategy?

While the term “omni-channel” has been circulating in the retail industry for several years, it is only recently that retailers have truly been able to expand the shopping experience beyond a multichannel experience and offer customers a truly omni-channel experience. Omni-channel strategy: The advantage lies in consistency and a focus on device utilization. At a […]

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Mobile App Strategy By Retailers

How are mobile apps valuable virtual assistants for retailers ?

Retail is a tricky business of making sure you have your “aces in their places” to ensure customer engagement is maximized, thus increasing sales and profits. As mobile devices permeate our culture, we can’t ignore how important a brand’s mobile application has become in the game of increasing sales. Does your mobile application have the […]

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Initiating the mobile journey for your law firm

The way technology has changed users’ experience to interact with products or services, time is ripe for law firms too to plan their mobile strategy. Most of the law firms have their own processes and work culture, and that is one reason they have been relatively slow to adapt latest technologies. Although, the very nature […]

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