Making the case for technology at your law firm – II

5 ways Cloud-based Law Practice Management Software can improve client engagement In Part 1 of this series , we explored the process of transitioning your law firm to a paperless office business model, and briefly discussed the need for a data-management strategy that supported the goal of increasing mobility and access to your firm’s database. […]

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paperless law firm

Making the case for a paperless law firm

Part 1: Enabling more access in your paperless law firm Welcome to the first article in our series on how technology is rapidly changing the way law firms are doing business. In this article, we discuss how law firms are going about executing strategic initiatives to adopt a paperless law firm business model. Any changes […]

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Initiating the mobile journey for your law firm

The way technology has changed users’ experience to interact with products or services, time is ripe for law firms too to plan their mobile strategy. Most of the law firms have their own processes and work culture, and that is one reason they have been relatively slow to adapt latest technologies. Although, the very nature […]

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