Telemedicine software providers

In the first half of this series, we explored some real-world examples of how telemedicine software providers are changing the nature of the healthcare industry. In this second part of our in-depth look at the evolution of telemedicine, we review the challenges facing telemedicine software providers in their efforts to inspire widespread adoption of telemedicine […]

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Is omni-channel an inherent part of your retail strategy?

While the term “omni-channel” has been circulating in the retail industry for several years, it is only recently that retailers have truly been able to expand the shopping experience beyond a multichannel experience and offer customers a truly omni-channel experience. Omni-channel strategy: The advantage lies in consistency and a focus on device utilization. At a […]

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telemedicine solution providers

Telemedicine solution providers inspired by the age of mobility Telemedicine isn’t a new topic. First surfacing in healthcare and technology news spheres in 2008, the term was used to describe a mobile application released by American Well that connected users with a limited network of healthcare providers. While conceptually beneficial, telemedicine solution providers trying to […]

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Android for Work: A step towards enterprise mobility

Google is setting the stage for a revolution in the mobile workforce, and they want to give you and your company a front row experience. With the launch of the company’s Android for Work platform, Google enters the realm of enterprise mobility management (EMM) in an excitingly productive and secure way. Android for Work is […]

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Mobile App Strategy By Retailers

How are mobile apps valuable virtual assistants for retailers ?

Retail is a tricky business of making sure you have your “aces in their places” to ensure customer engagement is maximized, thus increasing sales and profits. As mobile devices permeate our culture, we can’t ignore how important a brand’s mobile application has become in the game of increasing sales. Does your mobile application have the […]

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