The hottest eCommerce trends in 2018 your business should target

As per Statista, global online sales are anticipated to reach $4.5 million by the end of 2021. That’s huge!

This clearly shows eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industry verticals today. While eCommerce is still evolving, its time for your business to catch up with it. Check out the 7 eCommerce trends that will dominate in 2018:

1. Micro-moments will be a new way to analyze consumer behavior

Ways people shop online have changed and this going to continue for times to come. In 2018, micro-moments (a new term introduced recently by Google) as a buying behavior will be a highlight for marketers to strategize upon.

2. Virtual reality is going to take buying experience to a new level

As more and more businesses are embracing Virtual and Augmented reality to generate better customer satisfaction in-store as well as online, 2018 is going to see a higher trend in this technology.

3. Data is going to rule the online business arena

As the use and creation of data continue to expand, in 2018, it will be a major source of fuel for 3 Ps – Predictability, Performance and Profits.

4. Faster customer serving chatbots and messengers will set the bar for quality and assistance

The Chatbot market is set to proliferate in the times to come since it has the potential to help brands serve customer interests and gain actionable feedback in real time.

5. Artificial intelligence is going to bring an impact in organic search results

Search engines have already witnessed voice searches increase the past few years. This trend will continue to grow upwards giving more precedence to AI backed technology in organic search listings. It would be interesting to watch more and more online businesses accepting this new technology in the field of marketing.

6. Micro-managing the product customizations will be a thing

The number of customers favoring product customizations is anticipated to increase in the coming year. Beauty and clothing brands will experience more demand in personalization.

7. M-Commerce will pick up faster than ever

Undoubtedly, mobile is going to pick up its pace in the times to come. People will continue to make informed decisions using mobile research and to match the consumer buying behavior, mobile commerce will experience a surge.

Check out this latest infographic that highlights your business goals to keep up with these ecommerce trends in 2018:


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