9 powerful tips to help you protect your ecommerce business from security attacks

Are you worried about hackers infiltrating your eCommerce business? It’s a valid worry. Why is security a major concern for your eCommerce business? Every year thousands of businesses are compromised by security attacks. It is difficult to keep your digital assets safe from the rogue forces. Most importantly, compromised security can deteriorate customer trust and […]

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payment gateways

All you need to know about choosing a payment gateway

With the millennial population driving the disruption in online shopping, business mindsets are changing and rapidly shifting to upcoming mobile technologies to generate more sales and profits. As a result, integrating the right payment gateway to your online store has become a vital conversion component that impacts the consumer buying cycle. And why? As per […]

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5 UI App Design Elements

5 must have design elements in your retail apps for mobile

Retailers are increasingly relying on mobile applications to improve customer relations, increase market penetration, and improve incremental sales. In fact, mobility is no longer optional for retailers, with eCommerce and mCommerce growing year over year. Such growth demands a sound and cohesive mobile app strategy to be deployed by retailers. Mobility has become so essential […]

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Mobile Development Features

Retailers have been forced to evolve their mobility strategies in response to increasing consumer reliance on mobile devicesto guide and influence their shopping habits. As a small retailer, have you considered integrating mobile app development into your strategic business plan for the coming year? Companies that have successfully integrated mobility into their business models understand […]

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Balancing the needs of Millennials and Baby Boomers

As the millennial generation begins to overshadow its predecessors in both size and spending power, companies throughout the economy are scrambling to learn how to capitalize on the unique spending habits of such a diverse demography. However, many experts feel that in catering to the needs of millennials, potential profits are being lost by not […]

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