The risks of technology outsourcing: Are you hiring service providers or growth partners?

The success of entrepreneurial ventures and startups sometimes means companies must rely on technology outsourcing in order to focus on their core strengths. By outsourcing information technology tasks to a third party, the startup accepts that it is best for certain aspects of the project to be handled by more capable hands. Tasks could range from effectively interfacing with the target audience to the actual execution and troubleshooting of the core technology the team is looking to create.
In some situations, it’s important for even the most technologically savvy startups to admit in the early stages of a project that they have neither the time nor resources to manage both the core technology and the research and development needed to create the perfect product for their customers. This is where an effective information technology outsourcing company becomes indispensable.

In many cases, financial concerns are the driving factor in the need to outsource. In order to focus on pivoting and marketing and conducting research, many companies consider technology outsourcing to be viable solution to remain cost effective.

While it’s important that you are outsourcing the correct elements of your business, it’s equally critical to ensure you are outsourcing to the right kind of company.

Is your technology outsourcing provider just waiting to cash a check or are they interested in your organization’s long term success and acting as true growth partners?

When is technology outsourcing the best option for your startup?

Core Product: As a startup, your company has brilliant ideas it wants to share with customers in the form of a new product or service. You might discover you have the expertise on the team to tackle the software – or you might find that you don’t. By partnering with an information technology outsourcing company for the technical execution of your organization’s vision, you leave your team free to focus on marketing the product and determining through client feedback how your new business partner should improve the product in subsequent iterations.

Application Development: Your business might have need of very specialized applications and software solutions that can’t be met by those available through the various marketplaces. But it isn’t worth it to hire and maintain a staff of developers if you only need a limited number of applications. Even the ongoing support of these applications wouldn’t necessitate a permanent staff solution. Technology outsourcing companies provide the perfect solution, as the contractual costs would be minimal in comparison to maintaining the staff needed to create and support applications on an ongoing basis.

Infrastructure: Information Technology infrastructure, such as servers, hardware, and networking systems can be costly and require extensive staffing to build and maintain. Outsourcing the services, leasing the equipment, or even utilizing a cloud-hosting service; all go a long way to saving your firm in terms of costs and hassle and leave you free to run your business without distraction.

Don’t just outsource technology, find a growth partner for long term success

information technology (IT) outsourcing company

When it comes to outsourcing technology solutions, you need a partner who can look at your business’s future needs and provide support throughout the evolution of your organization. This is the difference between a service provider waiting to be paid and a growth partner who is willing to act as extension of your vision and goals.

A true growth partner can offer your organization a level of expertise in multiple disciplines as well as make suggestions for services and technologies that might benefit your organization’s success. They should be extremely agile and able to scale their services to meet the needs of your organization regardless of the size and scope of the project at hand.

At Kays Harbor Technologies, our experience means we’ll not only offer solutions to the services and issues you know that you have, but we’ll think around corners and anticipate issues you might not foresee and be able to offer alternatives and solutions. Contact us today to set up a consultation session with our technology solutions consultants to see what we can do to ensure your long term growth and success.