Android for Work: A step towards enterprise mobility

Google is setting the stage for a revolution in the mobile workforce, and they want to give you and your company a front row experience. With the launch of the company’s Android for Work platform, Google enters the realm of enterprise mobility management (EMM) in an excitingly productive and secure way.

Android for Work is Google’s EMM solution for providing businesses with an easily customizable mobile experience.

This new platform is designed to increase worker efficiency while ensuring the security of business data and communications. In order to take advantage of Android for Work, a business must choose Google’s own “Apps for Work” EMM solution, or an EMM solution through one of their partners. (Click here to check Android for Work partners)

The core of Android for Work is the creation of a work profile on employees’ mobile devices, which remains separate from the device’s personal use profile

In order to take full advantage of the Android for Work mobile device management functionality, the platform requires devices capable of running Android 5.0+ (“Lollipop”), which includes managed profile support. The core of Android for Work is the creation of a work profile on employees’ mobile devices, which remains separate from the device’s personal use profile. Through the EMM platform, businesses can remotely configure and manage the work profile, providing employees with access to productivity and collaborative applications that allow them to work beyond the four walls of their office.

Android for Work also requires a Google account with either acceptance of the Google Apps Device Policy or the submission of a work policy controller application if using a Google-approved third party EMM provider.

A powerhouse IT management tools behind the scenes

Android for Work is your IT department’s new best friend. The platform provides tremendous levels of flexibility and customizability in creating a mobile work platform for employees, while maintaining security protocols. From a single dashboard, your IT department can establish policies for mobile device use, perform bulk purchase and licensing of applications through the Google Play for Work marketplace, define which applications can be used, and even securely distribute in-house developed applications to your team.

The Android operating system comes with a very robust series of integrated security features, and in conjunction with Android for Work, ensures security is maintained at the Data, Application, and Device levels.

At the core are the operating system’s Advance Application Defense protocols and Platform-level Security measures. From “sandboxing” applications to run separate from the operating system to utilizing encryption and attestation (ensuring the application configuration remains consistent with Android-platform specifications following download), Android consistently monitors the behaviors of downloaded applications and ensures data remains secure and encrypted. Android for Work adds the ability to manage profiles, establish flow of data protocols and information sharing guidelines, remotely wipes business data in the event a device is lost or stolen, and the establishment of secure networking protocols. (for detailed feature set, visit Google for Work page here)

Revolutionizing user mobility

Today’s businesses want employees to feel as productive and capable out of the office as they are behind their desk.

Today’s businesses want employees to feel as productive and capable out of the office as they are behind their desk. With Android for Work, employees are able to use their personal Android-enabled device. Through the remotely managed work profile, they can access business communications, share documents and insights, and collaborate on files through pre-approved productivity tools.

This approach to secure and remote collaboration and productivity breaks down a number of barriers and changes the playing field. By allowing employees to perform work-related activities through their personal mobile devices, Android for Work decreases the overhead costs of instituting a mobility-focused strategy. Improved profitability comes from increased efficiency – already comfortable and knowledgeable of the device being used, there is no need for costly training. The Divide Productivity suite makes performing everyday tasks effortless. Eliminating costly overhead by allowing the use of personal devices means more employees across the organization can engage in projects, and collaboration and innovation improve throughout the business. Centralizing workflow to a common virtual workspace accessible by all contributors minimizes the dangers of fragmentation or loss of information.

In addition to mobilizing your employees, Android for Work brings a level of flexibility to the hardware which your IT team can include when designing and implementing mobile solutions for your business. Android for Work is accessible on any device running Android 5.0+ (Lollipop). In opening the door to various hardware types, Android for Work frees businesses from the traditional approach of designing around desktop or laptop computers as productivity tools. Smart phones, tablets and touch-enabled devices allow employees to perform a greater number of tasks, and customers and employees can be engaged in very targeted and specific ways.

Capitalize on Android for Work’s flexibility

Android for Work provides flexibility and mobility to your workforce. While the platform comes ready-made with an extensive marketplace of applications, one of the advantages it offers is the ability to securely distribute internally developed applications to your employee base for use in the field. At Kays Harbor Technologies, we know that every business has unique needs. Our application development team can work with you to take full advantage of the Android for Work platform in the design and implementation of specialized and customized applications, ranging from scheduling and inventory management applications to messaging applications.

No matter your needs, we’ll help you mobilize your workforce.