The backbone of any software; databases provide necessary information to your applications so that you can get timely reports and take right decisions.

At Kays Harbor, we have extensive experience into Databases. We deliver professional database design, database development and database integration services for all major database platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access and SQLite etc.Whether you’re migrating or upgrading an existing database or implementing a new one, our DB experts can help you identify the right approach and platform for your application.Our database consulting team engages in proactive monitoring, build, database administration, backup and recovery, performance optimization, high availability/ disaster recovery solution and security. We analyze your business requirements, and design the solutions around it tailored to your needs.

Our services in this domain include:

  • Providing Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions to help decision makers of an organization.
  • Through analysis of DataBase to identify bottleneck and suggest remedies.
  • Performance optimization of Databases including implementing security measures such as encryption.
  • Application of industry standards in development and maintenance, such as HL 7 DB guidelines in healthcare applications.
  • Provide DB consulting and optimization to minimize server load.