5 Factors to look out for choosing a 3rd party video conferencing tool for your telemedicine application

Building a healthcare solution is a complicated process, and a myriad of regulatory requirements often add time and costs to the product. For this reason, experienced health-tech developers like Kays Harbor rely on their ability to integrate relevant 3rd party solutions which can expedite the development of your healthcare software without the need to reinvent […]

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Top 10 trends in enterprise it

In the year 2017, worldwide IT spending is predicted to reach $3.5 trillion. It will be up by 2.9 percent from 2016’s $3.4 trillion. Wondering where will this amount be spent? Enterprise IT organizations are going to spend this money to improve current infrastructure, incorporate new technologies, and acquire new services. What should be the […]

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The evolution of mobile apps since 1983

It’s 1983. You are sitting at your kitchen table reading a newspaper story about Steve Jobs predicting the future of computers. According to this young Apple CEO, computers will be transmitting software through phone lines in the future. You look up at your beige-colored, push-button, wall-mounted kitchen-phone. Keeping your eyes on this boring object, you […]

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Top 10 web design trends to watch out for in 2017

Trends in web design are always moving targets. As technology and consumer tastes evolve, aesthetics and design principles change constantly. In a few years, the trendiest flash animated website can become the punchline of a joke. A good web design considers the latest trends to create a great user experience that is consistent with the […]

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Top healthcare challenges solved by mobile apps : Part 2 – For patients

In the first part of this article, we highlighted how the mobile app industry is contributing to simplify the major challenges of healthcare providers. Firstly, it has put a cut on major treatment costs as well as time by reducing the paperwork through Mobile Medical calculators, cloud based data retrieval apps and other clinical mobile […]

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