Delivering healthcare for the millennial generation

As with any service-based industry, the healthcare field isn’t exempt to the impact of the massive millennial generation coming of age – the era of millennial healthcare is upon us and it is vital that service providers adjust to the expectations of this demography. A key element of these expectations is that healthcare service providers […]

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technology outsourcing

The success of entrepreneurial ventures and startups sometimes means companies must rely on technology outsourcing in order to focus on their core strengths. By outsourcing information technology tasks to a third party, the startup accepts that it is best for certain aspects of the project to be handled by more capable hands. Tasks could range […]

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Legacy software modernization

Pulling the trigger on legacy software modernization

It’s necessary to determine at what point the benefits outweigh the costs of modernizing legacy software. Technological progress and shifts in consumer demographics are driving companies to evolve new business models to better navigate increasingly competitive markets. As mobility becomes a key component in information technology strategies, more companies are being forced to consider legacy […]

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HIPAA data breaches

According to the United States Office of Civil Rights, health care providers reported 139 HIPAA data breaches in the first half of 2015. While this might seem like a low number of incidents, it’s important to point out that legally, only HIPAA data breaches that affect 500 or more individuals are required to be reported. […]

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Balancing the needs of Millennials and Baby Boomers

As the millennial generation begins to overshadow its predecessors in both size and spending power, companies throughout the economy are scrambling to learn how to capitalize on the unique spending habits of such a diverse demography. However, many experts feel that in catering to the needs of millennials, potential profits are being lost by not […]

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